About Us

Located in Los Angeles, California, Brad Frank Restorations, Inc. has 39 years of experience in restoring arcade games, rebuilding, consulting and making magic from historical pieces.

Some of Brad’s more unique restorations include a Bastian-Blessing Soda Fountain and “Mr. Slots” robot from The World of Sid and Marty Kroffet Amusement Park.

Brad Frank Restorations, Inc. also owns and manages the registered trademarks Chicago Coin arcade game products:
Chicago Coin®
Chicago Coin’s®
Chicago Coin’s Band Box®
Strike Up The Band®
The Worlds Smallest Band®

Brad has also been recognized by The Museum of Pinball as a “Superstar” for his contributions to the field. For more information on Brad and to view our portfolio of restorations, visit bradfrankrestorations.com.

To discuss licensing or partnering with the Chicago Coin brand, or to learn more about Brad Frank Restorations services, please contact us.